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California USA

The USA is the Big Kahuna of destinations. But where to start on an American holiday? Cosmos USA Tours are here to navigate this behemoth of attractions to make sure you don’t miss a beat. Nowhere else has the complexity and diversity quite like this. Spanning natural splendours of glaciers, geysers, canyons and mountain highs, to vibrant cities, each with distinct personalities, this part of the world will really keep you on your toes! The USA from North to South, East to West, attracts music lovers, history buffs, gourmands, road trippers, city hoppers, tree huggers and the simply curious in equal measure. No matter if you’re a New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, desert or coastal kind of traveller, the USA will feed your soul, one way or another.   

Snapshot: USA
Washington D.C.
Official Language
325.7 million
US Dollar
9 different time zones!
Drives on the



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Best time to visit
The USA is big. Not only is there something for everyone, but a season for every traveller too. In Winter, feel the refreshing nip of cool air in ‘Mile High’ Denver, Colorado, in summer sip mint juleps on the lawn of a southern plantation manor. Soak up the autumnal moody mist of San Francisco’s Alcatraz, or head for almost eternal Summer light in Alaska. Whatever your American dream, there’s a month calling your name. 

Winter (Dec –Feb)
Cultural New England in particular comes alive in Winter – duck into cosy restaurants to beat the chill or pull into a traditional pub with a roaring fire. Shop, visit museums or head down to New York for a different take on Manhattan; less crowds means more freedom. If dreaming of a White Christmas, this is where those dreams can come true. Western USA is milder, in perennially sunny LA locals swan about in sweaters with all-year tans. 

Spring (Mar – May)
Hawaii’s dry season beckons from April, as does the USA’s south (missing the risk of Summer humidity or autumn’s hurricanes). In the North, Spring is one of the prettiest and most refreshing seasons with an explosion of flora and fauna. The best bit? Comfortable temperatures more or less all over make for carefree travel.  

Summer (June  - Aug)
This is a season of wow. In a USA Summer, the options are limitless.  For some, it’s all about the coast: think California, Seattle, Miami, and if you head internally, there are a host of national parks with cooling forests perfect for hiking. It’s also the ideal time to head to Alaska, where Summer doesn’t mean surf, but glaciers and snow. 

Autumn (Sept – Nov)
Fiery autumn colours of red, burnt orange and electric yellow leaves make autumn magical. School and universities are back, which means this shoulder season has room to move once again. Plus, it’s holiday season, catch Halloween and Thanksgiving for the real-deal American feel.  
Culture & customs
The USA is so diverse, there’s something special to stumble over in each far-flung corner. Whether it be the boot-scootin’ culture of the west, the urban sophistication of the east coast, or the wild vastness of the deserts, you’ll discover a patchwork quilt of customs and traditions across the land. Wherever you go, just don’t forget to tip. More than a polite gesture, it’s a critical cultural element. It may seem confusing to other cultures, but the service industry survives on tips. This includes everyone who helps you in some way, whether it be taking your order or handling your bag. Stash some $1 bills in your pocket so you're never caught short. 
Electronics & devices
The USA uses 110 to 120 volts.
Health & safety
As with any busy areas, petty theft can be a problem. Remove temptation by keeping your ID and money out of sight, and under wraps. Visit https://smartraveller.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx for current safety and travel information. 
Language & useful phrases
Say what?! A cup o’ joe (coffee) in New York. Everything is hunky-dory (super) in Tennessee. Tourists wearing fanny packs (waist bags, and a fanny is actually a derriere) in California. Even though we technically speak the same language, there will be some odd sayings which will make great dinner stories (as you sip your aqua instead of water). Equally, expect naturally curious Americans to be enthralled with your accent. The odd miscommunication results in a load of laughs.
Money & costs
Here’s a tip… tip! It’s how America works, and dropping a dollar here and there results in fantastic service. For a quick guide, budget on between 15 - 20% for bartenders or waiters, 10 – 15% on taxis and for porters and hotel maids, $2 a bag or $2 - $4 a night.
Other FAQs
Each part of the USA can be so distinct; it’s not a country of 50 states, (and one Federal District) but 51 mini countries. So get ready to soak it all up, one experience at a time.
Visas & insurance
Travellers from Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many EU nations don’t need visas for short holidays. However, Australian and NZ nationals will need a valid ESTA approval prior to travel, which is applied for online at: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/.
Especially in airports, security efforts are in place, so don’t be unnerved by having fingerprints scanned and a digital photo taken at Customs – it’s part of the process.  We recommend a standard travel insurance for America, with activity additions if hitting the ski slopes or planning on serious adventure. Mountain biking in Moab anyone?



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